• Kate

Great makeup comes from Great skin!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

If you want great looking makeup then you need to go right back to the beginning and make sure that you have got your skincare nailed! If your skin is not right then you are going to run into issues the whole way through your makeup. Make sure the the skin is balanced and hydrated. Some skin needs more oils in certain areas and others need to load it up with water. If you're not sure then pop into a beauty store and ask - they should be able to steer you down the right path. Once you have your skin feeling just right then and only then can you move onto the next step of the makeup. A little tip for those oily skin babes out there. Just because your skin gets a lot of oil doesn't mean you shouldn't hydrate it - get more water into it instead and you may find the oil production starts to slow down a touch.

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