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Testing the limits!

So as New Year resolutions usually go I more often than not set myself a little challenge each year which then gets forgotten and pushed aside - not this year though! On the 5th of Jan I booked in and paid in advance (no getting out of it now!) for my first ever Sprint Triathlon! A sprint triathlon FYI is a 500m swim in Blue Lake, Rotorua, followed by a 12km mountain bike ride and finishing off with a 5.5km run around Blue Lake. What the hell was I thinking!!!??? 7th April was 'D day' and I had a few months up my sleeve to get training - ages! I tell you what, 3 months goes really fast when you are a makeup artist in the middle of the busiest time of year! The next thing I new it was race day. I'd done a handful of runs, two full swims at the pool in my wetsuit and a couple of mountain bike rides up K-Loop - no where near as much training as I had anticipated having done by now! Here's what I can tell you I learnt from this experience. First - train more! I was absolutely thrilled with how I went in the swim and bike and had I done a bit more training then I would have smoked it! The run was terrible and my lack of training in this particular area really shone through - I got cramp in the stomach 5 mins into the run and couldn't shake it so it was more of a walk/run....walk. Second - bring a support crew! I was sooo lucky to have my mother and step-dad, as well as the ever supportive 'man about the house' cheering me on and videoing me crying as I crossed the finish line. Its nice to share these achievements with those you love. Last but not least - believe in your self! Set challenges that make you go 'what was I thinking' and then do everything you can to achieve them! You only live once and you never know, you might just enjoy yourself! And yes, I do plan on doing another Sprint Triathlon - i'll keep you posted ;)


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