Who am I?  Well I'm Kate.  I'm a small town girl from Friendly Feilding (most beautiful town in NZ 16 years and counting!)  I have a lovely man about the house and a very energetic black Labrador called Nelly.  I am a full-time makeup artist, part-time afterschool programme co-ordinator and run a little AirBNB in Feilding.  I've also been called more recently a bit of a 'jack of all trades'.  In my spare time if I'm not out walking the dog you may find me stripping wall paper somewhere, mucking around in my little garden, or baking a cake.  I try hard to avoid the later as I tend to end up eating half the cake myself!  To sum it up I live a very busy little life and I love it!

How did I get here?  I attended the Samala Robinson Academy in 2006 then was unbelievably lucky to land a job at Bobbi Brown in Kirkcaldie & Stains.  I stayed with Bobbi for almost 10 years.  In that time, I whizzed up to Auckland and opened the St Lukes store.  While there I won an award that sent me off to New York for a week to attend master class with the legend herself, Bobbi Brown, and her amazing team of makeup artists.  In 2012 after getting a feel for travel I decided to take myself off to London, as is the way in NZ, and landed a job in Sloane Square, London with Bobbi Brown.  Back in small town NZ a few years later I had a lucky phone call with some high up big-wigs from Bobbi and what do you know I was opening my second Bobbi store in Palmerston North.   I won the Studio Managers Award in 2017 and then decided it was time for me to pass over the reins and launch my website.


My makeup philosophy.  I am a big believer in being true to who you are.  I love natural makeup but don't be fooled, natural makeup can mean anything!  Natural could be a red lip if that is your thing, or a smoky eye might be your natural look - Natural is having a look that reflects who you are.  I love skin that glows and freckles that pop.  I like makeup that looks fresh and shows the person through and through.  Let me know your style and together I am certain that we will come up with a look that will leave you feeling smoking hot!

As a freelance Makeup Artist I love doing bridal makeup and working with you to achieve a look that you will forever look at and feel beautiful.  I love doing a fun ball makeup and graduation makeup is something special.  I have a huge amount of experience teaching women how to apply makeup - if you have questions, I have the answers (and if I don't, i'll find them out!).

So that is me summed up in a nutshell!  I hope you enjoy browsing my website and please feel free to get in touch!

Kate x



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